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Matrix well established WPS Payroll Software company has been operating in the United Arab Emirates for 10 plus years now with a very successful client base of over 200+ satisfied customers in various sectors in the Middle East & African countries.

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Matrixpay Payroll Management System

Matrix Solutions - Features of Individual Modules of Matrixpay

Human Resource Management Module
Leave Management
Rejoin Management
Loan Management Module
Fine and Other Deductions
Payroll Management
Wages Protection System
End of Service Module (Gratuity)
Asset Management
Document Management
Configuration Module
Alert & Notification
Employee Self Service Module
Attendance Management Module
Performance Management Module
Project Costing
PRO Modules

Human Resource Management Module

Leave Management

Rejoin Management

Attendance Management Module

Loan Management Module

Fine and Other Deductions

Payroll Management

Wages Protection System

End of Service Module

Asset Management

Document Management


Configuration Module

Alert and Notification

Performance Management Module

Employee Self Service Module

Projects Costing


PRO Module


  • Human Resource Management Module is a very promising HR and Payroll Management Solution that keeps track of employee information.
  • The module articulates the complete records of employees such as employee code, employee name, professional details, employee type, joining date, date of birth, qualification, religion, contact information, photo, previous experiences etc.
  • The Human Resource management module of Matrixpay is a proven business model for accurately tracking salary information of employees such as Basic salary, HRA, Transportation allowance, and other allowance(s) etc.
  • This module is steered by an option to track outstanding or unresolved leaves of employees.
  • The Human resource management module has proved to be a wave of progress in being able to track promotion, transfer and employee dependent details accurately.
  • Matrixpay allow the user or administrator to scan and upload employee’s documents like Passport, Visa, Labor Card, Emirates Identity Card, Medical Insurance etc.
  • The Leave Management Module of Matrixpay enables the company to deploy leave schedule of employees based on terms such as joining date and previously availed leaves.
  • Leave Modules allows the HR team to define annual leave entitlement is based on either Calendar Days or Working Days depends upon the company policy.
  • This module provides a seamless option to track the Sick Leaves, Annual leaves, Compensatory Leave and other leaves of the employees.
  • The Leave management module provides a new paradigm in calculating salaried leaves, company policy-based employee tickets etc automatically and accurately.
  • This module provides an efficient option to track leave start dates, expected re-joining dates and the actual re-joining dates in addition to issuing current monthly salaries, annual leave salaries, and ticket amounts for the employees going on vacation.
  • The module possesses a positive operation by encashing leaves and also providing an option for each employee to log the leave request to their respective managerial authorities.
  • Option for HR department to create Annual Leave Planner for the whole company in the beginning of year.
  • It also provides a Leave Settlement option for each employee to settle their leaves either partially or fully when it is due during monthly payroll generation.
  • The Rejoin Management Module is an enhanced operation of notifying respective authorities in situations where an employee has failed to join on the expected rejoin date.
  • This module lets the authorities like the HR manager in case of employee missing on the rejoining date, to take necessary steps such as defining the delayed days.
  • This module sends notifications to the HR Manager in reference to cases of missing rejoins automatically prompting the HR Manager to classify the days as PAID or NOT PAID leaves etc.
  • If an employee has failed to return to duty on expected rejoin date after annual leave then system will notify the HR Manager.
  • The Attendance Management Module of Matrixpay can integrates Biometric Attendance Machines which are installed in respective branches as well as other remote locations, that are constantly monitored by various branches.
  • This module involves an option for the Administrators to download attendance directly from biometric machines to monitor and generate the daily attendance reports for all branches.
  • The module focuses on automated functionalities of monitoring and defining fixed over time, fixed lunch breaks etc.
  • This module of Matrixpay has an option to define and deploy day shifts and night shifts separately and also calculate the worked hours, short hours, overtime hours of work separately.
  • This module of Matrixpay has an option to select different leave types based on sick leaves taken, casual leaves, business trip leaves, annual leaves taken etc.
  • Option for the administrator or the user having the privilege to manually enter or edit the Punching Time.
  • The attendance reports generated via the Attendance Management Module of Matrixpay involves reports including the monthly attendance summary, daily employee attendance details, monthly overtime reports etc
  • The Loan Management Module of Matrixpay is a trendsetter at the Loan Settlement Spectrum where it issues and tracks the loan status of each employee.
  • This module keeps n complete track record of each employee’s loan and re-payment details.
  • This module provides a seamless option to settle the loan installments via the Loan Settlement Module option provided within.
  • The Loan Management Module of Matrixpay has a front row seat reserved for automatic deductions efficiently and accurately at the time of monthly payroll generation.
  • This module provides an option to automatically deduct loan installments in addition to being able to edit the respective loan installment amounts.
  • The Fine and Other Deductions Service provides an automated pool of solutions that helps in identifying micro deductions such as purchase deductions, cash advance, Office fine, Traffic fine, Penalty etc.
  • This module provides an option for efficient identification and settlement of fines.
  • The module offers an option for fines to be automatically deducted at the time of monthly payroll generation.
  • Matrixpay is a widely accepted payroll solution that drives rapt focus to generating employee pay sheets and pay slips at a swift pace and in the easiest to use manner.
  • The Payroll Management Module mitigates the difficulty of manually updating monthly attendance information of employees by automatically updating the payroll, followed by calculation of deduction of absentees, regular and holiday overtime etc. by Matrixpay.
  • The payroll management module has its intelligence tailored to automatically deduct the loan or advance payments at the time of payroll creation, in addition to being equally flexible in adjusting these deductions and required amounts.
  • Monthly Attendance Information of each employee will automatically update the payroll and Matrixpay will calculate Absent Deduction, Normal Over Time, Holiday Over Time etc.
  • This module allows easy and automatic calculations in deducting absence of employees and is displayed accurately at the time of monthly creation of payrolls, which is aligned with the company policies.
  • This module avoids the mentally taxing task of redundantly generating payslip and sending it across to the employees via email.
  • The payroll generation process involved allows for an option to add bonus, commission, incentives, annual air tickets and other special allowances for employees.
  • This Matrixpay Module is cent percent compatible with the Wages Protection System in UAE and Qatar.
  • This module is a complete automated system that merges the employer and employee details required to generate requisite WPS reports.
  • This automated module of Matrixpay generates SIF which is compatible with WPS in UAE and Qatar and the Salary Information File thus generated is available in Excel, CSV (Comma Separate Value) and SIF formats.
  • This module provides the entire list of authorized financial banks and institutions authorized by the Central Bank of UAE.
  • The WPS module of Matrixpay is capable of issuing several and large numbers of employees after proper validation of data.
  • All banks in UAE accept the SIF reports from Matrixpay.
  • The End of Service Module is a precursor to an impressively efficient option that automatically defines the rules for calculating Gratuity for different type of Labor Contract depends upon the country.
  • The Gratuity options provided are the Resignation to both Limited and Unlimited Contracts and also for Termination that also includes both Limited and Unlimited Contract employees.
  • Option to settle all outstanding payments include Salary, Leave Salary, Annual Ticket Amount etc.
  • A seamless option is provided in the module for deducting all outstanding loans, fines and all other deductions.
  • Option to generate Consolidated Gratuity Details of the employees as on selected date.
  • The End of Service Module allows Matrixpay to keep track of all crucial assets assigned to each employee in an automatic manner including the option for employees to return the assets before leaving the company.
  • Option to add all the assets of the company, assets include Vehicle, Mobile, Laptops, SIM Card, Office Equipment’s etc.
  • MATRIXPAY allows the administrator to track the list of assets assigned to each employee.
  • Matrixpay will keep track on the asset’s movement between employee and employer.
  • Option for each employee to return it back the assets in hand during the annual vacation.
  • Matrixpay will not allow the user to process END OF SERVICE or LEAVE for an employee without return the assets.
  • The Document Management Module provides an efficient way to track all employee related documents such as Passport, Labor Card, Work Permit Movement etc.
  • This module provides an efficient tracking system to trace the ownership of Passports of employees with themselves and the ones with their employees.
  • This module of Matrixpay keeps a historical record of all previous records related to documents issued to the employee and the received documents.
  • The module also has an option for the employer to issue warnings, memos and letters of appreciation to employees.
  • It also includes an option to mark the return dates in order to notify the administrator in cases where the passports are not returned to the employer on the specified return dates.
  • The Template domain of Matrixpay involves an option to create various templates for issuing Salary Certificates, No Objection letters, Experience Certificates etc.
  • This module allows the user to efficiently create variant pre-defined templates for critical use cases.
  • The option to integrate TAGS in the Templates Module allows users to create a generic template for necessary functions where the tags are capable of dynamically replacing information of the staff as required.
  • Matrixpay’ s configuration module allows the HR department to create rules for various transactions depends upon the Labor Law of the respective countries.
  • The Configuration Module of Matrixpay involves configuring rules for various operations such as Annual Leave, Gratuity, Absent Deduction, Overtime, Encashment etc.
  • With this module, different rules can be set for different types of employees, depending on various grades in the organization.
  • The Alerts and Notifications Module provides an option to track various documents and expiry dates.
  • This module of Matrixpay enables the HR Team to notify the user about the number of days prior to the expiry of the Employee valid documents such as Passport, Visa, Labor Card, Trade License, Driving License etc to notify the process to be performed.
  • The Alerts and Notifications Module of Matrixpay also provides an option for the HR Team to define the number of days prior to which the company documents can expire such as Trade License, Vehicle Insurance, Vehicle Registration, Chamber Of Commerce, Tenancy Contract documents and so on as to take necessary actions to prevent expiry.
  • An automated option of the Alerts and Notification Module in Matrixpay enables the users or the administrators to scan and upload critical documents of the staff such as Passport, Emirates Identity Card, Visa, Labor Card, Medical Insurance records etc.
  • This module of Alerts and Notifications provide the administrator with an option to set a specific time schedule for notifying employees with the expiry dates for each document types separately.
  • These alerts and reminders are sent by system by email and pop up notifications.
  • This module, Alerts and Notifications of Matrixpay also automatically notifies the HR Team if any employees that have failed to rejoin after their annual leave on the allotted date.
  • This Alerts & Notification Module of Matrixpay also notifies regarding the completion of probation period, birthdays, work, anniversary of the staff etc.
  • The Performance Management Module of Matrixpay involves a supreme automated process of setting up durations for specific evaluations according to respective employee types, such as monthly, half yearly and yearly.
  • The Personal Evaluation domain in this module provides for the user’s creation of relevant points to be displayed in the Evaluation Forms such as various business goals and development goals etc.
  • The Work/ Performance Module in Matrixpay has an individual option for the admin or a particular user to create work and performance rating points which are rated as 1, 2 and 3 for performance characteristics based on planning, accountability, problem solving, decision making, attendance, punctuality, meeting targets, meeting deadlines, knowledge and expertise etc. 1 is rated as Good, 2 for Outstanding and 3 for Exceptional attributes.
  • The Employee evaluation module of Matrixpay has an option to automatically notify the person via email to figure out his/her appraisal sheets, followed by the Reporting Manager reviewing these appraisal sheets for submission to the HR Manager.
  • This module involves a separate Report section that handles generation of reports for staffs based on the individual marks achieved by each of them.
  • The Employee Self Service Module of Matrixpay enables the staff to view their profile, upload their profile picture and contact details, and also scanned copies of critical documents such as Passport, Visa, Emirates ID, etc.
  • The ESS Module of Matrixpay provides an option to view the annual leave balance, in addition to being able to submit leave requests based on leave types such as Annual leave, Sick leave, Business travel, Education leave and so on which also includes an option to attach the medical certificates for leaves taken.
  • This module of leave management in the ESS Module includes an option to submit the leave request to the concerned Reporting Manager who reviews the requests and also has the access to view the yearly leave calendar of his team members to avoid overlapping of multiple members taking leave. This request after his approval is then directed to the HR Manager for further approval.
  • This module of Matrixpay has an option that will automatically notify the staff about their expiring documents, if any.
  • The option in the ESS Module to view their day wise attendance log, monthly and day wise, makes it easy for the staff to view. This module also enables the reporting manager to view the daily attendance logs of his team members.
  • This module has an option to generate monthly pay slips for current months and even for previous months in addition to the option to view the salary slips for the selected year.
  • The ESS Module has an option for the line manager to be able to assign specific roasters for his team, including the option to import roasters of previous months to perform necessary changes and to assign new ones for the current month.
  • The Loan sector of the Employee Self Service Module provides options to submit loan requests, view the status of loan requests, view loan statements and also to send requests to line managers for approval followed by the HR Manager for further approval.
  • The Reimbursement module provides the staff with the option to submit reimbursement claims via the ESS Module, all claims have multiple approval levels such as the first level being the reporting manager who will decide whether to approve or not, of which in both cases, the staff gets notified by mail. The second level of approval is handled by the HR/ Finance Manager followed by the third level being that of the Line Manager to approve or reject via the ESS Module.
  • The Projects Costing module synthesizes key options for project creation with information such as project / job number, name, type, project start and end dates, etc. in the system.
  • This module also provides options to maintain Daily Production Reports for each project in addition to generating associated project costing reports based on monthly timesheets for employees and respective projects.
  • The system allocates labor costs on the basis of direct costs like monthly salary and also indirect costs such as accommodation expenses, leave salaries, visa expenses, tickets, gratuity and so on.
  • There is an option to calculate monetary costs and time expenditures on the basis of internal hourly rates.
  • Along with the above-mentioned features, there is an option to compute estimated project man hour costs with the actual man hour costs.
  • It also includes an option for users to enter daily time sheets and automatic calculation of total working hours and overtime.
  • In conjunction to all key features, there also exists an option for users to generate monthly consolidation reports depending on user’s requirements according to the date, employee, project etc.
  • The Taxation Module of Matrixpay lets users to create various taxation in countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Botswana, Algeria, Egypt, Zambia and Morocco.
  • The module includes options such as Direct Tax, Social Security, Cocobapth, Medical, Tax options.
  • This module of Taxation allows users to create various currencies in the system in addition to being able to select a particular currency as the Base Currency.
  • This module allows users to create salary computation systems and also will not permit to define two different conversion rates in a single month.
  • The taxation is calculated by this Module by classifying the staffs as Deputed Staff, Direct Staff, and Local Staff.
  • This module provides an automated option to define the fixed salary, tax borne, and salary disbursed etc.
  • This module of Taxation in Matrixpay allows an option to generate bank transfer letters to the UAE Bank, along with providing options to define Currency Conversion rates against the base salary every month.
  • The module of taxation allows generation of payslip, salary disbursements, taxation based on tax slabs of each country, respective deductions etc.
  • The PRO Module or the Visa Tracking Management Module of Matrixpay allows its users to create different tasks involved in the validation of Visa Applications. This includes name of the task such as typing, medical etc, order of the task, prerequisite documents that are required completion such as Passport, NOC from previous employer, resume, photo etc as well as the cost involved for each task.
  • This module provides a checklist that depends on the current visa status such as whether the employee has a visiting visa, no visa at all, employment visa such as JAFZA, DAFZA, Hamriyah Free Zone etc.
  • This module of Matrixpay allows the admin to select required tasks that depend on specific Visa Types.
  • This PRO module of Matrixpay allows the candidate applying for the Visa to create prerequisites such as NOC, Attested Degree Certificate, Passport Copy Of Candidate, Passport Size Photo etc. This module also allows for choosing the trade license to which the candidate needs to apply.
  • This module of Matrixpay allows the admin to set user access rights for each and every transaction.
  • The PRO Module of Matrixpay allows an option for the Accounts Department to view specific applications based on particular dates.
  • This module of Matrixpay also allows the Accounts Department to select the list of applications and settle the pending amounts which also includes an option to track factors such as the amount paid and the mode of payment such as cash, cheque, payment date and so on.

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